Top 10 Best Cheap Domain Name Registrars for Renewals & New Purchase 2019

Do you want to be found on the web or are you thinking to share something online? Then this article is for you. It doesn’t matter how big or small, all website need a domain name. When it comes to creating a new website or blog for your business, a domain name is the first thing which you need to begin your journey. Choosing a faulty domain registrar can create trouble and ruin your online journey. So, choosing the right domain registrar is very important. But you don’t need to worry if you don’t have any future experience with purchasing domains. In this article, we will describe the top 10 domain registrars in the World to start with. So, without any further due, let’s get started.

1. GoDaddy

I’m using this domain registrar for years. And I’m very satisfied with what they are offering. That’s why I’ve put Godaddy in the #1 position. renewal price


Features and Pricing

The best thing about Godaddy is, they offer you cool discounts for the first time. Like you can buy your first .com domain from Godaddy at just $0.99. Plus they provide domain privacy protection for just $14.99 a year.

Dodaddy domain name pricing

The only thing you should know before you go with them is, as they are helping you by providing a heavy discount at your first purchase, they will also increase the price for renewal a bit. But overall, their service is good and Godaddy is currently managing more than 73 million domains registered with them.

Go to


Namecheap is a very well known brand in the domain industry. Most numbers of bloggers use Namecheap to register domains for their new websites and blogs as well as the domain name brokers use Namecheap for parking domains due to its low price.

namecheap domain name registrar

They also provide the WhoisGuard privacy protection service for the first year for FREE with your registered domain name. Subsequent subscription to WhoisGuard will cost you $2.88 per year. And the price of a .com domain is just $8.88 a year on Namecheap.

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3. is also a very old player in the industry and has a great reputation among webmasters because of its seamless domain registration service and smooth easy-to-use interface for managing registered domains with them.

Apart from that, they also provide you quality WordPress hosting, VPS and Shared hosting. But the biggest thing is, you get a domain name for absolutely FREE with any of their web hosting plans.

Their customer care service is also very responsive and they are available for you 24/7 over the phone call.

Features and Pricing

In terms of pricing, unlike GoDaddy, offers you the same pricing for both first purchase and subsequent renewals. So, once you register, you never see an increase in the renewal rate of domain names registered with them.

Check to price at

4. Bluehost – FREE Domain With Hosting

Bluehost is better known as the best web hosting company in the World and it’s very popular among bloggers who use WordPress as their CMS. But what people forget is, their domain service is also standard. Bluehost claim that they

have been Powering Over 2 Million Websites Worldwide. domain name registrar

You get a FREE domain name when you buy any hosting from So, if you are going to register the domain name for your self-hosted WordPress blog, Bluehost is the best choice for you.

They provide superb customer support and they are always available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Plus they are one of the most recommended hosting providers by established bloggers and WordPress itself.

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5. HostGator – FREE Domain With Hosting

HostGator is well known for its superior hosting service. They provide WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated hosting. They are also recommended by industry leaders for hosting.

But if you just want to register your domain name without hosting, you can also do that. They have a separate section on their website just to provide domain name registration. You can search your desired domain name and register it for just $12.95 per year (.com domain).

They offer Domain Locking, Domain auto-renewal and Easy management dashboard with their domain names. Their management interface is beginner friendly and easy to use.

Register domain with

6. DreamHost – Get FREE Whois Domain Privacy For Life

DreamHost is also an old player in a domain and hosting industry. They specialize in WordPress hosting and WordPress itself recommends DreamHost hosting for its users.

But they also have a solid domain registration service which you can use. At DreamHost, a .com domain will cost you $11.99. They also has various other fancy domain extensions such as .club, .io, .design, .me, .shop, etc.

One of the biggest reasons you want to buy a domain name from DreamHost is it offers FREE Whois domain privacy for life. If you are with them, you never need to pay separately for domain privacy service.

Buy domain from

7. has started its journey from 2003 and manages over 16 million domain names. 320k+ webmasters have chosen to register domain names for their websites. They can’t be wrong.

If you also buy WordPress hosting from here, you will get the domain name for FREE like Bluehost and HostGator.

Apart from that, they also have live chat support agents who will help you solve issues related to domain names and web hosting. They charge $9.99 per year for a .com domain.

But if you also want to get domain privacy, you need to spend another $4.99 per year additionally.

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1and1 is very similar to GoDaddy. It also gives you frequent offers and discounts on domain name registration. It is very beginner friendly and the best suite after GoDaddy for those who are running out of money.

1and1 helps you to register your first domain at as low as $0.99 for the first year. Though this offer is available once per user/card/account, the minimum pricing is helpful when you are just starting your online journey and you don’t have a budget.

After the first year, they will cost you $14.99 per year as a renewal fee. Another good thing I must mention about 1and1 is, they never show you different prices at the time of check out. Their pricing includes ICANN fee, so you don’t get any surprise.

Go to

9. Google Domains

Google Domains is Google’s own domain registration service. Though Google is a very trusted technology brand, still very fewer people buy a domain from Google Domains.

But if you want, you can go with them and enjoy the benefits they give you.

They provide you Whois domain privacy and custom email with G Suite for FREE of cost with your domain.

At Google Domains, a .com domain will cost you $12 per year. They also give you an option to buy for 10 years, which will cost you $120.

Register at Google Domains.

10. InMotion Hosting – Get FREE Setup

InMotion Hosting is popular mainly for their hosting service. But you can also choose them to register your domain name.

All domains that you register with InMotion Hosting comes with FREE setup and FREE domain privacy service. Plus if you also buy hosting from them, you will get your domain for free as well.

Support agents are always available to take issues and solve them instantly. The additional benefits you get with your domain registration at InMotion Hosting are FREE 24/7/365 U.S. Based Premium Support, Secure transfer locking, Automatic domain renewal, and Simple domain management interface.

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Above are the top 10 domain name registrar you can go without any worry. So after registering your domain name address on the web, you may need to create a website. It’s never been easier to set up and create a website. If you use a Content Management System (CMS) or a website builder then creating a website is easy. Here we have explained how to create your first website step by step.

If you want to know the full list of ICANN accredited list, then read here.

Please do comment below if you have any doubt.

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