Free Random Image Generator Script, Create own Random Picture Picker

Random Image Generator: You might want to create a website to generate image randomly from multiple images. There are many uses to have such a website. For example, you run a wallpaper downloader website and want to display multiple pictures when users visit your website daily or every time. There are many uses to have a random photo loading script website. This script can be installed alongside any website sub-directory or sub-domain. Some of the applications for which you might have this random picture generate a script.
After creating this website you can able to create
1. random profile picture generator
2. random image picker
3. random funny picture generator
4. random image generator for drawing
5. funny placeholder images generator
6. person placeholder image generator
7. random cool pictures generator
8. random cartoon pictures generator
9. sample avatar photos generator
10.random image picker app

How to Install Random Picture Picker

Today I am going to describe an example of how to install random flags generator different countries. Using this example randomly photo generator code idea you can make your own different random image picker website.
Follow the below steps to install the random photo generator-

Step 1: Download this random picture generator.

Save the file from our server on your desktop first.

Step 2. Upload the code on your server.

If you want to install on your root domain, upload it in the main directory, i.e. public_html folder. If you want to install on a sub-folder, create a folder name like random-picture inside the root directory and upload there.
If your domain name is, then visit
random-picture I have installed for a



Every time you visit the link, it gives a random flag from a source of images I created.

Step 3: Integrate on a webpage.

Now we will implement the idea on the web page where you want to show it.
Use the image attribute below to display a random photo on an HTML page.

Below is the Integration on my page-

Change Picture


Showing the flags of different countries

Regardless of the website platform like WordPress, custom design, bootstrap, wix, Joomla, etc, you can embed the image everywhere where you want to show the images. Only you need to keep the script on a location from where photos can be loaded.

How to Create for different types.

The funda is simple. You can see a images folder inside there, say img1.jpg, img2.jpg, img3.jpg, etc. You need to simply change images according to your need. For example, img1.jpg contain flag picture of united states, and you want to create a show a mobile picture then replace img1.jpg flag picture with a mobile picture.

Final Words:

This is just an explanation of how to install a random picture generator website. This is a PHP based script. If you want a custom script and don’t know how to code, you can hire us to do your job done. Thanks for reading, let us know by commenting if you have any doubt.

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