How to Create a Free Google Website for your Business, Step by Step Guide

Create your free website with Google: Are you looking for a Free Website with Google for your small Business? If you have Business on Google my Business, then you can create a free both mobile and computer optimized website to represent your business.

Today we are going to show you how to create a Simple Google business website with Google, if you have not verified your business yet, kindly read it here how to verify your physical address.
The features with a Google website is that Google will automatically use the information from your Google My Business listing to create your small and beautiful site. You can customize it with themes, photos, and text. Also, your free site will update automatically whenever you make changes or update your business information like contact details, working hours, post photos etc. You will get a well-optimized website for mobile and desktop ready.

Why Should You Create a Free Google Website for your Business?

This is because you don’t want to pay to a hosting company for keeping your business information online to find you by people. You have a very small business like a store, restaurant, paying guest, rent rooms, physical stores etc but don’t sell a product or deliver online. You need only a website with simple pages for your business information. You don’t want to hire a technical person or web developer to make a website for you, then Free Google Website is for you that will delight your customers, old and new. A website created using Google My Business is meant to be a simple, small business-friendly solution for getting your business online.

If need a website for your business to sell products online, then you can always get in touch with us.

Steps to Create a Free Google Website on Google my Business

Once you have verified your business, go to the address and log in using your business email address that you have verified before. Now follow the instructions below on your screen to get started to create a site.

The rest is simple: follow the instructions on your screen and start creating


Create the site

Log into your Current Google My Business Dashboard.

Click on Website from the left menu shown below.

Now your website will automatically generate with info from your Google listing.

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Editing your site

You can customize your site with text, photos, and design themes.

Select a theme

Click on them and select the theme you liked most.

Select Theme on Google my Business

Change Title of your site

Click on TT Edit to customize the Title texts, description and calling number.

Change Title on Google my Business

Add Photos

Click on Photos and upload the photos of your Business.

Now your site’s basic customization is done. Now if you want to change the working hours, services and create post etc follow the instructions.

Give working Hours

Click on info to change the working hours and enter the time you stay in your office.

Edit working hour on Google my Business Account

Create a post & Edit Services

Now again click on the website from the left menu on your Google My Business menu then, on front page you will see create post and edit services.

How to create post on Google my Business

Give or edit services on Google my Business


Choose a domain as where the “my-business-name” is your domain name and put your site live. It will look great on every device.

Publish free Google website

You can publish your site right now, if you are not ready then come back later and publish it to the public.

The benefits of Google Website.

The Free Google my business website has lots of benefits. They are-

Mobile ready website

The website you created with Google Business is responsive, it will look great on every device whether it’s a desktop computer or a smartphone or a tablet.

Automatic updates

Your website will be updated automatically with the info you provided on your Google listing, so it’s always up-to-date.

Manage on the go

The most benefits you can get from the Free Google Website is that you can create and manage your website from any device, so you can make changes quickly.

Drive calls and visits

Since your number is visible from the Google Business listing, customers will get your number easily and drive more call and meet them or talk with them.

Thus you can create a free website with Google Business listing at no cost.

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