Step by Step Guide How to Install WordPress on Subdirectory on Cloudways

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Installation of WordPress on a Subfolder on Cloudways

Though there are many ways like install via ssh command or wp-config.php edit methods, Today in this blog post, I am here I am going to show you easiest method and explain you step by step how to install WordPress application on sub-directory(folder) on Cloudways hosting. Note that this tutorial is for those who already know how to install a WordPress application on but don’t know how to install on a subfolder like where the  /blog is a different directory having separate WordPress application.

Step 1: Access Remote FTP Server via FileZilla

Access to your Server root domain Application by your credentials.

Install WordPress on Cloudways


Step 2: Creating the folder name

Now heads to the public_html folder name and right click on create the directory. Say name it /blog. Now We will install a fresh WordPress Application on this folder/directory.

Step 3: Install a Normal WordPress Application on your server

I assumed that you already know how to install WordPress application on cloudways. If you forgot kindly read the article How to Install a fresh WordPress application on Cloud Hosting. Now we need to move the files on the application we have just created to the newly created /blog folder so that it can be accessed via

Step 4: Move the Files to the Newly Created Folder/Sub-Directory

Now access to the newly created application via FTP login credentials and enter the public_html folder.

Now you can select CTRL+A to select all the files on the application and right click on that to see the download option.

Kindly note that anything you download from FTP Server or upload on Remote Server can be seen in the left side of your desktop. I suggest you create a folder on your local server, i.e. Laptop/Desktop so that you later don’t get confused with the downloaded files on the PC.

Note: Downloading files from FTP Remote Server get too much time due to file process is done one by one on the remote server. If you want to download the files at once within few seconds creating an archive of the files on FTP, then read here to How to Archive Files on FileZilla or FTP Server.

Step 5: Upload the Files on the Sub-Directory/Folder

Now disconnect the recently created applications and access to the root domain application. Goto the public_html folder & name of the folder you have created. I have created as /blog here.

Upload all the files just you have downloaded on the folder. Again uploading multiple files at once on Remote Server takes times. So We have written another article How to Upload files at once and extract it. (Remember that FTP Server don’t allow you to unzip a zip file directly on FileZilla. That can be done via SSH command. )

After the file uploads, lets forward to the next step.

Step 6: Change Application SiteURL & Home Address

Cloudways application dashboard

Goto the newly created application dashboard and launch database manager. You can see the below options-

Cloudways WordPress phpmyadmin

From the above lists click on wp-options. After that click on Select-Data. Now you will see the below options –

Now click on edit under the wp-options both for siteurl and home. Enter your main root domain and folder name. For example and save it. Repeat the procedure for home wp-options column also. But does not change the website URL in the domain management from application dashboard.

Edit siteurl & home address in cloudways

Now your step 6 ends here after editing the siteurl & home address.

Now load your website address and followed by the folder name, your sub-directory installation is complete. You can log in access details in the application dashboard which has been created recently. See how it looks like.

This was how you can Install a Separate WordPress Application on subfolder in Cloudways. If you have any trouble let us know below-

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